Amarante: R&R (Part 2)

Our third day of rest was originally slated as a beach day; however, Miguel had other plans for us. We were invited to join his youth hostel for a trip to the mountains. But, before that, we would have a night on the town.

In small cities, it really helps to have a few connections. As it turns out, Alfredo’s (one of the hired assistants on site) brother owns the local pizza joint, and the best nightclub in town. He hooked us up with private access to the VIP lounge — a bean bag and couch laden balcony overlooking the ancient church and river — our own dance floor, and discounted drinks all evening. After three hours out, our total bar bill for Sarah and I was just 18 euro.

The bus to the mountains left at 9 the next morning. The total trip out there ran about an hour and included a generous hike/rock climb. Once at the final destination, there was a bar-b-q and home made bagaço waiting beside waterfall fed lagoons. The rest of the afternoon was to be spent eating, drinking, swimming and lounging in the sun.

At least, this is what I’m told. When the hotel woke Sarah and I up to deliver our towels, the clock read 13:47, and the mountain folk were already sleeping off their meat-coma. We had opted out so that we could try and make up a few of those lost hours of sleep that we had been accruing over the last month.

I have no regrets.

I also didn’t need towels that badly.

While our team was in the mountains, we spent the better part of the day in bed watching awful movies. Not wanting to miss all of the action though, we did eventually rouse ourselves for a trip downstream to swim in the river, and for a bit of a walk through the old town.

Our group was reunited again around seven, and we went out for another fabulous Portuguese feast to close off the day.

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