Amarante: Our work (Part 2)

Our second stint of work was short, only two days, but it felt more productive. In the last two days we have been priming, painting, tiling and grouting. All things that are more visibly rewarding than mixing barrels of cement.

The outside of the house has changed a lot since we first got here. We applied three coats of concrete to the original brick wall: one to seal the bricks, one to make the wall level, and one to smooth the wall out.

After the final layer, we primed and painted. This is the colour that the house will be in the end. The nice thing about working in this heat is that the paint dries really fast. We can get three coats in eight hours if we time it right.

Inside of the house things have been changing rapidly as well. We’ve had three teams in there rotating through all of the rooms in shifts. Between painting the roof, tiling the floors and walls, and doing the final grouting, things are starting to look finished.

I’m not sure what our last three days will bring. Hopefuly we will have a chance to do some cabinetry or install the toilet and shower.

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