Mobile blogging.

Last year I didn’t write much about our Habitat trip. My excuse being that it was a pain to get near a computer, and nigh impossible to upload photos.

This year, iPhone in hand, I’m experimenting with mobile blogging. Both of my previous issues now gone, I am free to write about our travels almost as fast as we experience them. Writing while driving back to the hotel at the end of the day is a nice way to conclude our work, and it helps keep my mind off of the rollercoaster bus ride through the hills.

The only difficulty I have now is getting a wifi signal long enough to actually post something. Amarante has free municipal wifi, but it is extremelly spotty. Consequently, my evenings in Portugal are spent very semaphorically. As I post this, I’m standing on a chair, one leg wrapped around a pole, waving my arms wildly at the sky, trying desperately to avoid the eye of any passing airplanes.

I’m also not totally sold yet on the blogging apps that I’ve found online. One likes to post everything twice, and the other sort of mangles the layout of text and images on upload. Neither has decent spellcheck. For the time being, though, I’m happy to make the quantity/quality tradeoff if it means I can actually journal some of our travels.

One thought on “Mobile blogging.

  1. Simple as this post is – text only, no pictures – I quite enjoyed it. Thanks for posting. And post more. Frequently. Like now.

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