Amarante: Our work (Part 1)

This year we are entering the project the equivalant of one week’s worth of work after when we left last year, so there is a nice sense of continuity for our team.

Most of the work is in the finishing of the house. It’s the kind of work that you might do on a more extreme home renovation. The floors and walls are all up, and about half of the shingles were in place when we arrived. Our work involves tiling the floor, insulating the roof, painting the interior, and installing some of the larger appliances and cabinetry if we have time.

We are high in the mountains this year, with an excellent view; but, it’s HOT!! Our first day of work was more than 35 degrees in the sun.

This is the front of the house on the first day. We are working on the middle (where the family lives) and top layers (the roof). The bottom layer will be turned into a root cellar after everything else is done.

And this is our view as we work.

Lunch is held at a campsite further up the mountain. For an extra twist, this year all of our lunch is catered vegetarian cuisine.

So far, I’ve been spending my mornings on the roof trying to fit large pieces of styrofoam insulation into awkward spaces.

After three days on site, the house already looks very different. We have finished the front and back sides with smooth cement, and tiled about 70% of the floor space. The insulation is done except for one small corner, and we will be filling any remaining gaps with foam on Friday.

One thought on “Amarante: Our work (Part 1)

  1. So cool! That sounds like a really great project. ALSO: I find it humourous that you're eating tasty veggie meals in the wilderness, while we're finding it hard to find vegetarian options in this huge city of yours!

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