Digital Torch

UVic folks will be familiar with the school’s alumni periodical: The Torch.

It looks like they’ve made the move into the online world, and decided to keep the traditional magazine layout in the process. The implementation is really nice. I think this is the first online ‘paper alternative’ that I’ve seen that still feels like a magazine. (Albeit, the NYTimes Reader does a super good job of Newspaper emulation as well.)

The format replication is definitely appreciable for this months photo-heavy issue. All of the material retains the same stunning look that the paper copy would have and is very easy to flip through.

Very nice.

One thought on “Digital Torch

  1. Strange, Terry said the very same thing to me last Thursday after receiving her Torch in the mail. I know Terry doesn't use a computer, so do you guys communicate telepathically. Also, "Torch"? If the postman throws your copy are alumni bound to catch and hold it high.

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