The difference a Union makes.

For five years I’ve worked for one company. Last year, I moved to a new geography, and with that came a lot of changes. One of these was the addition of a Union.

Sometimes, not always, I really appreciate that this group exists in our office. Typically it’s the little things that I notice, like the ability to complain that the new cleaner the janitor is using stinks, and actually smell a change later in the month. Earlier in the week, I mentioned to a Union rep over lunch that the lock on my door had been broken for three weeks, and that my complaints to facilities seemed to be falling on deaf ears. A locksmith came by that afternoon to fix the issue.

Today, we got some great news in a global communication from HR (How often does that happen?). The short version is that due to some outside circumstances a few years ago, the bonus payout for that year was lower than it probably should have been. To compensate, they will be augmenting the payout this year.

Even though it probably doesn’t amount to a lot (maybe €100-200 in my case), it was awesome to see that the company’s good fortune is somehow related to my own.

Having been through very similar circumstances 3 years ago in a non-unionized office, I’m confident that this new addition to my wallet is in a large part due to having adequate union representation within the company.

What a difference.

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