Travelling in 2010

Being in Europe is great for travelling. There are so many place so close together that are worth visiting.
One of the strangest things about the travelling, though, is the amount of planning involved. You have the option of either doing everything completely last minute (day of, kind of thing) or 3-6 months in advance. Anything else and you end up paying two or three times the price. Sarah and I are much more accustomed to thinking in terms of weeks, so we’ve been trying to bring a little forethought into our vacation planning. One thing that has been helping is that everyone around us is starting to talk about travel destinations for summer 2010, which is forcing us to think about it as well.
So far, we’ve lined up three trips, and are waiting to confirm on a few more.

  • Amsterdam – A friend of ours described this as ‘the best vacation you will never remember’. We are very lucky to have friends that live in the city, and will be doing an apartment swap at the end of January.
  • Canada – We are scheduling a trip back for a family related event in the summer. Probably early July. I’m going to try to swing a business trip in there as well, which will hopefully mean a week in Vancouver.
  • Hungary – Last year we travelled to Portugal for two weeks to build a house. This year, we will be doing a similar event, but in Hungary (near Budapest). The trip will be either the end of July or the first part of August. If anyone feels like cat sitting during this time, let me know.

It’s also the season for Company vacations. The Comité d’Entreprise (like a Union) plans trips for the employees. Since Tuesday they’ve announced 8 different vacation options. I’ve signed up for a few of them, but won’t receive confirmation until the end of the year. I have my fingers crossed on Venice.

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