Totally 80’s weekend!

There have been many times throughout our life together where Dave has turned to me and referenced some famous eighties movie, only to have me stare blankly as the reference went over my head. Usually this results in a “that was from such and such movie silly girl” “yeah but I never actually saw said famous movie” “WHAT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WHO DID I MARRY MY LIFE IS A LIE.”

Then we typically go through a list of commonly watched 80’s movies with me having watched a tiny fraction of our peers’ standard repertoire. For the record, I missed: Ghostbusters, The Breakfast Club, Top Gun, Alien(s), Terminator 2, The Goonies….and that’s a very short list. I didn’t see Dirty Dancing until only a few years ago. I’d never seen a movie with Molly Ringwald in it.

SO, Dave and I decided that this weekend we’d have an 80’s movie marathon! So far, we’ve seen The Breakfast Club, The Goonies, Sixteen Candles, and we have Ghostbusters, Alien and Pretty in Pink cued up.

These movies are pretty good! Not only that, but now I’ll totally get all future references to these movies. Yes! I’ll be cool! Finally! I can join in with the rest of my generation! HAHAHAHAHA!

Maybe if I’d spent less time continuously watching Back to the Future, Star Wars, What about Bob, and all those Ernest movies, I’d have done this years ago.

Now, I must learn why one must not cross the streams.

Whatever that means.

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