Fête de la Musique

Each year on June 21st the city of Paris has a giant party. The ‘Fête de la Musique’ is a celebration of music, and is an absolutely amazing event to experience if you’re a fan of live music.

The original idea was pitched back in 1976 as a way to encourage amateur musicians to get out and play, and to celebrate musicality in general. When we were out last weekend, it wasn’t so much amateur individuals as it was amateur groups. We did catch one guy by himself with a drum kit, and another lone tap dancer, but for the most part it was smallish groups that I would expect would play at local bars.

The amazing thing though is that there was one of these groups on every corner! Didn’t like listening to french covers of Stone Temple Pilots? Cross the street and listen to a French guy that looks like Aragorn performing Gansta’s Paradise.

We started in sort of a party district in the downtown core near St Germain and wandered around from 7pm to juts past midnight. The bulk of the shows were set to start at around 8, so things were slow to start. During the peak hours (9-10) there were people elbow to elbow throughout the streets, and everyone was dancing.

My highlight, though, was seeing a guy that looks like my Brother in Law jamming on the Electric Ukelele.

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