Marketing is (not) exciting!!

This morning, my inbox was warmed by an email from our marketing team, letting me know that, tomorrow, the company will be launching a ‘New and Exciting Marketing campaign,’ and asking us to ‘keep [our] eyes focused on the marketing website for exciting details.’

I don’t know why they send these emails to the development staff. I’ve never actually seen a marketing campaign that I would consider to be ‘exciting’. My excitement levels are elevated by lower compile times and hot fixes; not flash animations and buzzwords.

The best idea I could come up with for something that would get me excited would be the ‘Help us help ourselves (to dinner)’ campaign. During this campaign, anytime a customer buys a product, a developer gets a steak. Maintenance renewals are paid out in beer; a sixer for each year of the agreement.

I don’t know if this kind of campaign would improve the company’s bottom line in anyway – but it’s certainly a marketing idea I could get behind.

2 thoughts on “Marketing is (not) exciting!!

  1. k says:

    Marketing can be exciting. Even without steaks……but I see what you’re saying. This must be how game developers feel too. I haven’t seen too many game campaigns that really make me go HOLY BUTTBARS!! THAT’S AWESOME, except when the game speaks for itself.k.

  2. I can see how the customer might get excited (I hope they do, that’s the reason we do it).And I can see how the execs get excited as we make piles of money.And I can see how the sales team gets excited as the commissions roll in…But I don’t know what could be done to make it exciting for the people producing the goods. I’m sure this transfers to game developers, but also to property developers, auto-line workers, fancy restaurant chefs, etc. Basically any non-commissioned employee. I think that for the people making the goods, it is the good itself that’s rewarding, at the time of completion: ‘Look at the cool game/condo/dinner I made!’ Once I’ve completed a product, no amount of marketing can make it any more exciting for me. I already know that it’s awesome.

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