Human Resource Refactoring Redux

Some time ago I commented that my company was planning  job cuts. Since then, a few people have asked around to see if we’ve been affected so I figured I should probably update the situation here as well.

I’m happy to say that up to this point we are not greatly impacted by the changes.

That said, it could still change. Specifics of the job changes haven’t been rolled out here in full force just yet. Getting things done in France is unbelievably time consuming. Here’s an example of why:

In my office we have, what is essentially, a Union. The Union has a legal right to express an opinion on any job change (lay offs, promotions, title changes, new manager, etc) before the change is expressed to the employees. The Union doesn’t have much power to impact the result of the change, but they do vigorously excercise their right to an opinion. Recently, they’ve been going through an election of sorts so the job discussions have been tabled until the new group is elected. This means that talks will start around the beginning of June. However, if talks take longer than 5 weeks, it will be July, and people will go on Holidays. No discussions can really happen during the summer, so they will be put off until September. Sooo… I will probably hear the result of the January announcement around October.

Results outside of France have been trickling in, and there has been some indirect impact, to be sure. However, I still have a desk, a chair, a computer and, most importantly, a paycheque. I’m happy with what I’ve got.

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