I think I will build a house in Portugal.

A couple of weeks ago, Sarah heard of an opportunity with Habitat for Humanity that’s coming up towards the end of July. A group from Paris will be heading out to Portugal, I think to Braga, to build a brick house. I didn’t know much about the trip at first; truth be told, I still don’t know much about it, but today I signed up to head out.

From what I can tell, the trip should last about 2 weeks in total, and will involve 9 hours a day ‘on the job’, including time for breaks and lunch. I believe that Monday and Friday will both count as travel days to and from the site, and we don’t work the weekend, so really it’s just 8 days of labour in total, and a pretty cool experience. For that amount of time, I expect that we will get a chance to see the city from more of a residents perspective than a tourists.

It might sound like a strange holiday, but its the kind of interesting thing I like to spend time on when I get a chance. Manual labor is a surprisingly relaxing way to spend a holiday, especially considering the level of activity in my day to day live. (Today, I sat on a couch and used my thumbs to make a person in a video game excercize for me. If I’m making him run, that still counts as Cardio, right?)

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