Checking the Security of the Electric

A french man just came into my office carrying a large, pointy stick that seemed to be plugged into something in the hallway. He said something in French, and then stuck his stick into each computer in the office. This was very curious, and after he left I asked the other people in my office what that was about. Apparently he was checking for the ‘security of the electric.’ When I asked what that meant, everyone shrugged and just said that he comes every month to do that.

This can be a very strange place at times.

One thought on “Checking the Security of the Electric

  1. three theories: 1. The European Union has people inspecting levels of Electromagnetic Radiation to make sure they are within allowable levels.2. They operate at 230 V and if not kept in check voltage at that level can “jump” causing painful shocks or hyper-statically charged environments.3. The French are weird.

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