The lease is signed.

We signed our lease on the new place this past Friday. It is an incredibly formal process compared to back home. Especially the walk-through part. There were seven of us required for the walkthrough, and the detail was intense (we counted the number of spots on the floor in the entrance way). Once it was all said and done though, the end was the same: We have a new place to call home.

One huge surprise though came the morning before the lease signing when the agent called us to tell us how much to cut the cheque for. Including the agency fees, the cost of the walkthrough, the deposit, a half months rent (actually 17/31 days rent, they counted it out by days) and, of course, taxes, our total bill was 5372 euro and change, or $9000 CDN. My union (Note: Not my company) will be reimbursing me for a good portion of the cost, but we still had to fork out up front. It’s definitely an uncomfortable sum to come as a surprise.

Our facebook profiles have been updated with our new address; feel free to drop us an email as well if need be. We take possession of the place tomorrow, but I think that we will be a little slower to actually move in. Like home, the place is just a place with no utilities. Unlike home, the utilities will take 10-21 days to set up!! Power will come soonish, but what good is power if you don’t have internet, phone or cable?

Actually, I really am super excited about the internet in the new place. France is wired for crazy fast high speed, and for crazy cheap. (They just have long wait times to get things set up.) For 30 euro a month, or $45 CDN, we are getting a 28 Mbps line (back home it was 6), 70 channels for TV, a Voip phone that is good for calling any where I could want, a Tivo and a web/file server. It’s pretty awesome. The only regret I have is that we are about 2 blocks outside of the Fiber zone (100 Mbps), which comes at no additional cost over a regular connection.

We’re crossing our fingers that things will be all set up for the Holidays. If it doesn’t work out though, know that we will be sending you all nice thoughts on Christmas morning instead of the more traditional phone call, or video conference.

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