Facebook Video, and User Access Rights

I just discovered facebook video earlier this week. It’s pretty cool. I actually think it’s better quality than the YouTube stuff, but I suspect that’s because they’ve had longer to work on it, and they get way less traffic. (The video’s, not the site.)

The only problem with it is that it’s really private (I suppose that this is also a benefit). I’ve twice seen a cool video on facebook that I’ve wanted to share — but how can I share the link love if Person X and Person A are not already friends?

I don’t actually think that it’s possible.

Basically, I can watch whatever Person A links, because they are my friend. And I can share that link with our mutual friends. But, I cannot share the link with a friend of mine (X) that is not also a friend of A.

This means that the viewing rights are restricted to the complete list of A’s friends, and whoever happens to watch over my shoulder.

Right now, it’s almost painful how awful this is.

My Cousin, who works in Korea, just posted a bunch of photos and Videos from Korean Field Day. When I had field day, I wore a coloured ribbon to denote which ‘team’ I was on. At this school, they dress up. So, you have the Batman team vs the Superman team vs the Rag Doll team vs the Christmas Elf team vs the Pyjama team. Somehow they incorporate games where the sole purpose seems to be to yell at each other really loudly (picture Batman getting into a yelling match with an Elf); a fashion show; a talent and singing competition; and the most awesome relay race I’ve ever seen.

The relay race involved 20 Batmen lining up, and then another guy getting on top of one of them and running on the shoulders of the others. As the Top stepped got off the Bottoms, the Bottom would run from the back of the line to the front of the line so that he could be stepped on again. The line went like this in a race from one side of a field to another, and back again.

*sigh* Internet videos like this should be viral; like food poisoning at a family reunion.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Video, and User Access Rights

  1. facebook video is better quality? in what way?I saw the video! why did I not have that at my school?!Turns out if you comment on someone’s video, your friends can see it even if they’re not friends with the person who owns the video.

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