I have a Visa (For real this time).

So it turned out that when our lawyer said ‘You can go and get your Visa from the consulate now’ it really meant ‘you can go and apply for your Visa now.’

Anyways, all shenanigans aside (and there was much shenanigan-ing), I ended up walking out of the Visa office with two passports, each stamped with a Visa valid for November 1st to January 30th.

It turns out that a Visa is not what allows me to live in a country, it’s just what allows me to enter a country. In this case, it allows me to enter and work while I’m there. I will still need to get a residence card if I intend to stay in the country past January 30th. More on that when it happens.

In the meantime, huzzah!! I have a Visa!