Looking for a replacement for Picassa

For the past few years, I’ve been using the Picassa thick client application to manage, upload and edit my digital photos and images. I really like the tool – it’s the perfect balance of features that I’m looking for in a photo editor, and ease of use. Also, I’ve yet to find a tool as good for managing large numbers of photos.

Sarah and I made the decisions about a month ago that when we move to Paris, we are going to go 100% Mac. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t really have great mac support for their client tools (although they do have a Picassa uploader for iPhoto).

Anyhow, this means that I have to switch photo editing tools. I’ve looked at iPhoto before, and it’s not nearly as good as Picassa. Unfortunately, it appears that there really isn’t a decent solution.

I think I’ll try iPhoto again and make the best of it – but I’m definitely going to be looking around for some alternate apps.

As an aside, I’ll also be in the market for a batch photo editing tool (the ability to open, resize, rename, and resave a folder full of images) like irfanview.

2 thoughts on “Looking for a replacement for Picassa

  1. I don’t do a whole lot of photo work currently because of limited disk space and the fact that my computer is 9 years old but here are some options:iView Media ProLightroom from AdobePortfolio from Extensisthen there’s IPhoto and Aperture (both from Apple). I’ve heard the best things about iView, iPhoto and Aperture. iView was acquired by Microsoft a few years back and Microsoft has a habit of sitting on the mac version of programs they’ve acquired but it still may be good.

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