A River Runs Through it

We woke up pretty late this morning, and decided that the best way to celebrate Wednesday was to pop over to the local All-you-can-eat Sushi Club. I still haven’t figured out why, but the Sushi restaurants in Reno are the best I’ve ever eaten at. Probably something to do with being on a major east-west shipping lane.

After the gorging, we split up by gender and went our separate ways. The ladies went shopping with a friend of Francine’s, and Bob and I toured around Downtown core of Reno.

Downtown Reno is much nicer than I had expected. It’s everything that an up and coming neighborhood should be. A river runs through the center of town, and has been artificially enhanced to include a white water kayak area, and nice beaches/tanning areas for the residents to play in the water or relax with their families. Coffee shops, cafe’s, and Theatres (movie, musical, and live) line the river on either side. Thirties era apartments outnumber modern housing or condo developments 4-to-1, giving the area a classic feel that behooves a city with as much history as Reno.

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