Changing up the blog a bit

I’ve been keeping a blog since August 2004, when I graduated University.
At the time, I made a couple of design decisions that I’ve been thinking of changing.

The Title

The title of this blog has always been Nink == no income, no kids (contrast to our current status as dink’s). About two months after starting, the title became irrelevant as we both had jobs. Still no kids though.

I’ve been thinking about changing it to something more meaningful. Don’t know what that would be exactly.

Obviously the temptation for my own domain is there, but I think that’s the geek in me speaking. It’s very unlikely that I actually need to own (although it appears to be free… hmmm…)

One disadvantage of changing the title is that al of my loyal readers would have to update their bookmarks. Fortunately, studies have shown that I only have about 10 loyal readers, so it’s probably not that bad. =]

The Platform

I’ve been blogging with blogger since the beginning. The main reason I chose it is for ease of use with current services. My thinking was that if my email, blog, photo album, etc. etc. are all located with one vendor (Google) things would be easier. So far it’s been true.

That said, this particular vendor is not the best in its space for the blog or photo software. I’d probably be better off going with wordpress and flickr.


I’ve done what I could since the beginning to maintain as much privacy as possible in the blogosphere. I don’t post my name, or the names of other people (such as my Brother In Law, BIL, or my wife, The Wife), and I try to avoid talking about where I work or live.

This isn’t so much for tin-foil hat reasons as it is for big-brother reasons. I didn’t want to post information that might, in some way, restrict my job opportunities in the future.

Facebook has taught me that privacy is over rated.

Also, as I travel more and more, I keep wanting to do things like post pictures of us, and our trips. Or talk in a little more detail about what’s going on in our lives. If the blog platform was different, I could probably have both cases. Places like LiveJournal for example, allow posts to be private or public – so I could publicly post some info, and privately post the rest.

That said, the idea of privacy on the internet is a bit of a sham. As soon as something is digital, it’s going to be seen by someone. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and (I don’t know if I want it to be around) for the rest of my life.

I might come up with some new, pseudo-private, scheme that I can use. Perhaps I’ll start with the photos, and then branch into *gasp* first names.

Other friends have struggled with this in the past as well. Maybe I’ll see what she has to say about the subject.

The Publicity

Related to privacy, I’ve keep the publicity of this space to a minimum. Probably too much so. I keep thinking that people I know have this url and come to check stuff out. The reality is, I very rarely talk about this space (probably because publicizing it removes the privacy aspect) and so it’s not really as useful as I’d like it to be. What’s the point of sharing stories and pictures if no one is around to come look?

The look and feel

I’ve used the same template for as long as the sites been around.
It could probably use an update.

Frequency of posting

I’d like to use this space to log what happens in my life. On a few occaisions, it’s been really nice to have a journal to remind me of what I’ve been up to. That said, there’s a fair bit more going on than what ends up here. I should post more, but I’m lazy. I think I will try to change that.

yeah yeah. every blog out there has a paragraph like the above.

But really.

Right after I start exercising regularly, and flossing daily, I’ll begin to blog more.

6 thoughts on “Changing up the blog a bit

  1. now, “nink” makes sense, i thought it was a psuedonym for who knows what but never thought to ask…anyways, for those who are distanced from you, this is a nice thing to have cuz we can visit what you are up to, and get back to you, without disrupting your work (in a non-emergency type of way). i suppose i am “faithful nink lurker #11” and wish you well with the next steps of your blogbtw. did you get to the show ?? and if you did, was it good?? ted. 😉

  2. I wanted to think about it for a little bit before I gave my two cents on nink2.0.I’ve had 3 (or 4 if you count my work one) blogs now, I have used different software for each. Here are my pros and cons followed by my final recommendations (told you I wanted to think about it):1. Movable Type: Oh, how I remember this publishing software with fondness. I didn’t know a thing about CSS, and was constantly mucking about to try and make my blog look different from anyone else’s. The help files and forums were helpful and plentiful, therefore I never found myself in a pickle that I couldn’t handle. The publishing interface was very easy and intuitive.I consider myself to be of, at least, average intelligence and enjoy both an appreciation and good understanding of the basic functions of the computer and internet. Movable Type was difficult to install. Finally, I got my boyfriend to do it, who didn’t have a HARD time installing it, but did require me to leave the room and not distract him while he worked. I’m sure that they have fixed this by now as this was almost 5 years ago, but with great software comes great cost implications. In the world of free, it’s difficult to decide to pay for a product when there are comparable free products available. I really wanted to go back to MT when I returned to the blogosphere, but am happy with my decision to go with the freebie WP.2. Blogger: Google, I love you. I even love the products that you buy out and then stamp your cutie logo on. Blogger was ready to be loved.I find myself being able to sum up my Blogger experience to a single word: Meh. Sure it was free and kinda customizable, but once you CSS, I don’t think you can ever return to custom templates.Blogger has all the pluses that all the other popular self-hosted blogging software has, so the only thing that I can come up with that distingueshes it (and all the other free-blogging sites) from MT & WP is that you don’t have to bother with updates. No muss, no fuss. Just login and blog.But…you’ll look like every one else.3. WordPress: I am madly in love with my blog. I try very had to rein myself in and truely think before I post, but sometimes it’s hard. My blog software of choice calls to me and seduces me with it’s megaphone and soapbox.Wordpress is ridiculously easy to install, maintain, add-to, and…you know…write with. Free pre-made templates come with the basic install and a thousand user-created layouts are there for the taking.I have installed more than a dozen wordpress blogs for clients and friends in the past year and continue to be a massive supporter of it. It’s flexible AND free.Downside? You need to buy and host your own domain/space.4. PHPBlog: I downloaded this when I was working on my shop’s website. I wanted something really simple and customizable that didn’t cost anything and that would fit easily into my php-heavy website.PHPBlog can do pretty much anything that my wordpress blog can do…but I have work for it. While I am a fan of flexibility, sometimes it’s nice when the ice cream comes WITH the chocolate syrup. The instructions and help files are very well written and he updates fairly often on his developer blog with posts about tweaks & new functionality. That being said, so does wordpress, and it shows up in my home interface.***I am pretty smitten with wordpress. It was a good combination of laziness/pre-installed goodies drizzled (I think I am still thinking about ice cream) with the right amount of flexibility. I was able to start writing from the get-go, and then concerned myself with important details such as images and colour later. I would definitely recommend WP for your next generation of blog if you’re willing to host your own stuff.I say is a go. to follow.

  3. One more thing.Regarding anonymity…I decided to take the pseudonym route and find it hilarious to make up names for people. However, I also think that my penguin in the bathtub joke is awesome, so this method may not be for you. Here are a few other ways to battle that desire to open one’s trench coat to the internet.Use asterisks. It’s a true equalizer.Ie:I wanted to go for dinner, but **** wasn’t home, so I decided that I would just stay in and order pizza. Luckily, **** called and asked if I wanted some company, so I didn’t end up eating the whole thing by myself.Look to Jane.There is a reason that the Jane Austin Book Club movie was great (yes…It WAS!). In Victorian and Gothic literature, many authors would use the first letter of someone’s name followed by a dash. Naturally, anyone in the author’s coterie would know exactly to whom he/she was referring, which is perfect for a blog.Ie: When Mrs. S- decided to join me, I was happy to find that she hadn’t yet eaten. We chowed down on and chatted until Mrs. H- returned. We were then able to head out to the movies together.Leave it open..Ever used mad-libs? They don’t want to force you down a SPECIFIC path. Instead, they leave you with blanks (followed by a qualifier).Ie. I wanted to get a hotdog, but _____ (noun) reminded me that they taste similar to ass-crackers, so I went with Popcorn instead. ______ (noun2) bought some licorice.Be fluid.Follow a path of freedom and patouli, and choose a random noun to represent all persons in your post. Not only is this so fucking hilarious, but also allows you to expose your readers to new and interesting words.Ie. The movie ended up being spectacular. EULOGIUM didn’t want to head home right away, so we decided to cruise down EULOGIUM street to find a bar. We ran into EULOGIUM along the way, who was conveniently sitting out on the patio in front of EULOGIUM. We added some chairs to his table and toasted the night away.

  4. Thanks for the info.I think I’ll have to pick your brain a bit about the blog stuff at some point. I meant to do that during Car Free day, but ended up forgetting. I do that a lot.Random note about @$$-Crackers.One of my previous co-op students was Korean. She told me that a common beer food in Korea is deep-fried chicken anus. They area little chewy, and a little crunchy. What I’d imagine an @$$-Cracker would be like.

  5. even though i love madlibs, i find that the instance of madliberation into a statement intended as a honest quote, transforms it into a laugh. ie: : “with the cost of @$$-BISCUITS these days, i find my self searching for a mode of BEER-DRINKING while conserving @$$-BISCUITS, nonetheless, i find my BEER-DRINKER, chews @$$-BISCUITS to the tune of A BUSHEL of @$$-BISCUITS per, i’m talking about my gas -guzzler, and some might catch that, but i think the universal meaning is lost in BEER-lation. i like the asterisk, and the idea of leaving the word “up to the interpreter” is valid, i err to the adage(??), indice(??) that communication with the goal of universal understanding is key, but all unimportant details are moot, and therefore open to exclusion, if it is a minor point, then it deserves mention, but not explanation. all non-essential ideas are the previous statement could be compressed to “this is what i mean, do you understand?”

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