Stressed about Relaxing

I think there’s something wrong with me. While most people look to the weekend as a time to chill out, kick back, and relax, I actually get nervous about it because I’ll “have nothing to do… I should be doing something useful, shouldn’t I?”

Since graduation, I haven’t really taken a lot of vacation time to just relax. I added it up yesterday, and I’ve taken about 11 days a year since January 2005.

I take a day in late February or early March to go somewhere that has blue skies. (The grey gets to me in the spring.)
  Two days around the Canada Day long weekend, to sit in a backyard and drink beer.
    And three days at Christmas.

I took a vacation, once, in 2007. The Wife and I went to San Fran. It was good times, but definitely strange.
Other than that, every other vacation day I’ve taken has been a ‘working holiday’ where I go to paint a house, or build a fence or something.

Anyhow, today I’m stuck at home with no work that urgently needs doing, and a beautiful blue sky outside. The Wife is gone until 4, and I’ve been instructed not to go to work or do chores. Sadly, I find this seriously stressful, in the same way that that you’d expect right before delivering an oral book report in tenth grade English.

I think what makes this worse is knowing that I have a lot more of this coming.
My company benefits surrounding vacation time recently changed. I used to get 15 days a year, and could bank what I didn’t spend. I now get 20 days a year, and can only bank 5 days from year to year. If I add up all the days that I currently have banked and factor in the increased vacation accrual, then subtract the 5 days that I can bank…. I need to take 30 days of vacation by the end of the year.

How do you spend 6 weeks? I can’t even blow an afternoon.

Hopefully this will become less of an issue after the move. Chances are good there will be enough interesting things to do and see that I can find ways to not be working.

3 thoughts on “Stressed about Relaxing

  1. I think so. That’s probably the best thing to do.Maybe this is a good time to go shoot some photos with the DSLR. It’s been to long since I’ve really played around with a decent camera. I probably have a lot of stuff to remember.Also, that reminds me. I’d kinda like to figure out how to take HDR with a consumer level DSLR.hmmm.. that’s make a good side project.

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