I’ve got a new camera.

I picked up a Canon XTi this past week. I haven’t had much of a chance to play with it just yet, but I’ll definitely be spending some time with it over the weekend. The package I bought came with a smaller case, two lenses (the standard lens and a 50 mm – 50 mm portrait lens), battery pack, shutter release and other random accessories.

I was actually debating picking up a Pentax K100d. I’d heard a lot of decent reviews about it (much, much better than the previous versions) and it was a good deal cheaper than the canon body. The kicker, though, was that it takes the same pentax lenses that have been in production for 30 odd years or more. I already have two of those lenses (a pretty standard lens and a 100-300 telephoto) so that saves me a lot of money up front. Also, additional lenses are way cheaper, even new, than the canon equivalent. It’s definitely a worse camera, but the TCO of the canon was so much higher that it seemed a fair trade off.

That said, I got a deal I could not refuse on the canon.

While I’m messing around with it, I’ll probably be shooting a lot of junk — I’ll toss up some photos in a bit once I’ve gotten used to the settings and such.

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