Dineout Vancouver!!

It’s time for Dineout Vancouver again. I love this time of year. Many of the restaurants in the city get together and offer a fixed price menu ($15, $25 or $35) of the Chef’s choice.

From my experience, the best value is in the $15 and $35 menus. The
$25 places tend to have average food, at an average price (maybe a 15%
discount at best).  That said, Feeneys did look interesting from the
$25 menu, and I happen to know that each entree there is about $20-25,
so you get an appy and dessert comp.

We tried getting a seat at Feeney’s big brother, Lumiere, but nothing doing. We called as soon as Lumiere opened on the first day of Dine Out and they were already sold out. Maybe I should call and make reservations for next year now….

We went through the complete list and shortlisted down to the following places. The ones with the *s are the ones we’ve been to before and liked. We’ve already been to Raincity – it was pretty good, but not as spectacular as last year. If you’re thinking of going this year, you might want to take another look at some other restaurants. I think we all gave it a 7 of 10.

I’m going to the Heather this weekend, and Nyala next Friday around 8. I’ll probably do two more places from the below list, but I’m not too sure where just yet.

== 35 ==
Savory Coast *
Raincity Grill *
Joe Fortes
beyond restaurant + lounge
A Kettle of Fish

== 15 ==
Irish Heather *
Rocky Mountain Flatbread CO.
Nyala African Cuisine
Thai House
The Calling Public House
Thai Chili House *

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