Every now and then I get stuck in a prolonged period of downtime. This is one of those times. One or two days of downtime is nice and refreshing: I can nap, watch TV, play video games, catch up on some housework, etc. More than two days and it starts to get boring, there’s only so many times I can check for dirty dishes before I have to give up and sit down.

I hit the boredom stage last night.

I’ve never been good at filling emptiness in my general schedule. Really, what do people do when they’ve got nothing to do?

2 thoughts on “Downtime

  1. Since I don’t find “downtime” too often, here if my boredom evasion tactics:-Crochet.-Paint.-Draw.-Blog.-Bake.-Prepare meals and freeze for future eats.-Catalog DVDs in Delicious Monster or Books in Anobii.-Restart a completed video game for 100% (usually using guide).-Play Tetris.-Find a new web comic (dangerous, but able to take up hours of time when reading from beginning).-Play freecell.-Reorganize kitchen non-perishables….but it doesn’t happen too often. I’m pretty sure some of these are congruent with your interests…k.

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