the klutzy leading the blind

I “helped” a blind man cross the road today. This man was far too trusting. I told him I would lead him through the tangle of construction and direct him towards the mall. As I held his arm to guide him, he started walking really really fast! i was like, “Sir, we have to turn right now, I’ll grab your other arm, just a sec.” He didn’t turn, he just walked right into the fence, really fast. i felt soooo bad! BUT, even after that, he still walked really fast and didn’t always listen to me. It was awkward and I felt really dumb. Who lets a blind man walk into a fence??

3 thoughts on “the klutzy leading the blind

  1. You shouldn’t feel too bad — maybe blind people like running into things. Or at least that’s the impression I get from that annual event “operation track shoes” where they hold sporting events for blind people. Running the 200 meter’s fine, but running a 200 meter hurdle race? It’s true. Every year I think maybe they’ve been practicing and through some bat-like maneuvering they’ll avoid the structures, but no. Every year, they always hit every hurdle. You can call me insensitive for finding it oddly humorous, but seriously… blind people running the 200 meter hurdles? C’mon. Good thing they vetoed the javelin throw.

  2. Ya, you shouldn’t feel bad about that at all dude.1. He shouldn’t walk that fast… as well HE CAN’T SEE.2. see 1.You did the right thing to help him across, and I’m sure he was grateful for the help.

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