Bad luck with planes.

I’m having bad luck with planes.

I’m trying to take a one hour flight from the Interior back down to the coast. Nothin doin‘.

My flight (on Air Canada) was delayed, delayed, delayed and then canceled on account of bad weather.

The next flight leaving town this evening (via WestJet) was canceled due to the plane being struck by lightning.

The first flight out of town tomorrow is canceled on account of freezing fog this evening. (I don’t know what freezing fog is, but the airline attendant assured me that it’s at least as bad as it sounds).

The next available flight on either airline touches at 11am tomorrow. If that flight goes according to plan (crossing fingers) I’ll arrive at the work around noon to one (only two hours late really, not that bad). Should it get canceled as well, I’ll take a bus and be in for Wednesday morning.

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