Christmas in Reno

This year we are spending the Christmas vacation in Reno Nevada with The Wife’s parents and BIL.

Sadly, yet again we have another green Christmas. What awful luck we have! In 2004 we spent Christmas in Waterloo and managed to experience a record breaking heat wave in December. In 2005, it snowed in Waterloo and in Reno, but we had decided to spend Christmas in Prince George – which happened to be the first green Christmas in living history (i.e. the past 25 years). This year, it snowed in Waterloo, it snowed in Prince George, but Reno got a pass.

No luck yet again.

Aside from the lack of the white fluffiness, we’ve had generally good times. On Tuesday night, we watched the mountain a little ways from here burn in a brush fire. The hillside was ablaze in small red flames, which looked really cool against the evening sky. Alas, it stopped just short of the Walmart (apparently coming right up to the parking lot, but going no further than that). The night previous, BIL and I went for a midnight “walk” up the side of the backyard volcano. I was a little concerned about coytoes, rattlesnakes and scorpions, but all for not. The real danger was to be found in tiny rocks – which BIL slipped on – spraining his ankle. He didn’t lose the ability to walk until after he discovered that it was sprained, which, fortunately, was only after we got back down the mountain and inside of the house.

The only other major notable that we’ve had so far was the lack of any boxing day (or “Day after Christmas” as they so creatively call it down here) sales at the local mall. This is the first Boxing day in about 9 years where I haven’t lined up outside of some mall in the freezing cold to go shopping at a hideous hour of the morning (2004 exempted as I was selling stuff to the people that lined up outside of some mall in the freezing cold to go shopping at a hideous hour of the morning). Not only were there no sales, but there were no people to go to the sales either. It seems that the day after Christmas is not actually a holiday here, so most people were back to work as normal. Strange. I don’t think that I could recover from the turkey-induced tryptophan hangover after just a single day.

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