Santa Claus is Coming to Town (To look in my window…)

Apparently if you add to your MSN list, you can talk with Santa!! I chatted with him earlier today, and I am pretty sure that Santa is either a poorly designed computer program, or a scary, scary fat man that watches me at night. I’ll let you decide.

Grib says:
do you like rum and eggnog?
Santa Claus says:
I’m not interested in drinking.
Grib says:
you don’t drink? What about that red nose of yours?
Santa Claus says:
His nose is still bright red! That’s how I see my way to your house at night.
Grib says:
you come to my house at night?
You don’t look in the windows, do you? That’s kind of creepy.
Santa Claus says:
I’ll be flying your way Christmas Eve!
Grib says:
are you watching me now?
Santa Claus says:
Sorry, Grib, it’s a secret.

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