Reruns from Barcelona, Paris, etc.

Little did I know that Europe would not have decent internet access.
Actually, I probably should have guessed that in advance. Anyhow, as a result, we didn’t actually get any posts or photos or silly movies up here during the last week and a bit. However, we did take meticulous notes of the entire adventure (and by meticulous, I mean we wrote some words on the back of a napkin while trying to pour sangria from a tiny bottle). To pseudo-preserver the chronological order of the entire event, we will be reposting the adventure, but it will have been time shifted by two weeks.

Until then, I’m going to try to figure out a good place to host images and the like. Currently, I’m debating between Flickr and Picassa Web Albums. Flickr clearly has better features, but Picassa has tighterintegrations with blogger, gmail and the photo editing/managing tool that I use (i.e. Picassa). If anyone has any strong opinions one way or another, I’d love to hear them.

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