It’s my first day!

Yesterday, I went out for lunch with a couple of folks from work. The waitress at our restaurant was very nice, but it was her first day.
I know this because she told me.
She told me “Hi, My name is Donna. Please excuse me if I make any mistakes, it’s my first day.”
She told me this as she poured me a glass of water to start my meal.
Except she didn’t pour me a glass of water. She held the glass in her left hand. She poured the water with her right. The glass in her left hand stayed empty as she poured 300 mLs of water onto my foot. Then she put the empty glass back on the table, smiled, and left.

“Thanks Donna.” I said. Yes. Thank you for the shoe full of water and an empty glass.

But no matter — you’re excused. It was your first day.

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