Credit Card Oh No

Two weekends back Craig was in town on his way back from Florida/Europe. During a night of heavy ‘unculturing’ Craig used his credit card at a single location – in fact, the only location Canada over the past 3 months.

A few days later, Craig’s credit card bought a kayak in Nova Scotia, and sent some money to what must have been a close and personal friend from Pickering Ontario. Pretty active considering the card was actually sitting in Craig’s pocket in Whitehorse.

Now that Craig’s credit card has been on a spending spree, I’m a little nervous about my own. There’s no telling what sort of people my credit card met on a Saturday night in a downtown bar. The only people I remember seeing were a bitter waitress, three surrey girls, and a distracted bartender. Perhaps there was also an evil credit-card leprechaun behind the counter drinking evil whisky and doing an evil I’m-about-to-buy-a-kayak jig. With an unchaperoned card, who knows?

This sort of thing totally sucks. I mean, if I get really really drunk and fly to Nova Scotia and buy a kayak that’s one thing. At least in that case I end up with a good story (and a kayak). But if I get really really drunk and my credit card buys a kayak without telling me – I could see getting pretty upset. Worse, I think in Craig’s case the credit card may have been drunk while Craig was perfectly sober in the Yukon (never a good combination).

On the plus side, when I called the CIBC lost credit card centre to get the low down on my own card, I was able to speak to someone that didn’t speak English, and probably lived in Romania. The upside, of course, is that this added a level of international intrigue to the affair. Everything is more interesting with international intrigue.

It’s also fun to listen to a Romanian pronounce ‘kayak.’

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