Is your dog on pot?

OK. So I walked past the Newspaper stands today and I saw a picture of a dog with the words “Is your dog on Pot?”

At first I thought ‘graffiti’. Those crazy graffitti-ists. 10 ft later I scolded myself; it’s actually called ‘art’ not ‘graffiti’. OK. So Art. By those crazy Art-ists. Does it make sense, not really. Perhaps I just read it wrong. More than perhaps, I must have read it wrong. It doesn’t make nearly enough sense to have actually been on the cover of the paper.

8 more ft.
But it could be art. Those art people sometimes do weird things. Art doesn’t have to make sense.

Never for a second did I think that it possibly could really have been the cover of the Province. For sure they are better than that (I know, they aren’t great, but I like to give them some credit).

It’s sad really.

Shamelessly stolen from

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