Walking the Chair

Yesterday, as I walked to work, I noticed an old dirty looking guy taking a chair for a walk. The chair had a very nice leather leash, and a small chain collar around it’s base. It was putting up a fair bit of resistance though, as it didn’t have wheels, but Mr. Old and Dirty didn’t seem to mind that much. A small tug over the curb and the chair came dragging along merrily.

So I watched Mr. Old and Dirty and Chairy strolling down opposing side of the street; they stopped at the alley, turned, looked both ways, and stepped into oncoming traffic. While there wasn’t much traffic coming from his right side, there was tons coming from the left. This probably had more to do with it being a one-way street than it being a particularly good time to cross.

Amazingly, he made it across safely and pulled the chair up in front of the door to an apartment. He quietly untied the chair, gave it a pat, and then turned and yelled to the entire street:

“This chair is for the retarded men that live in this building. It’s a good chair, and is really comfortable. I’m going to leave it here now. I just wanted everyone to know that.”

Then he left.

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