Too many needles

So I’m in Prince George for a little while. My Mom wants to move this year and needs some help getting the house in order. Of course, this means I have been enlisted.

Originally, the deal was that I would come and help remove old junk from the house and rake the pine needles from the back yard. What she didn’t tell me was that the pile of needles is 50ft by 20 ft by 8 ft. It’s gonna take a while. Recently (last week) BC Hydro came and logged all of the pine trees in my mom’s back yard. Pine Beetle got them last year and they were all standing dead. Hydro was very kind and logged 15 trees instead of the 5 that they were supposed to. They even cut and bucked the trees into 18 inch lengths which makes the job of removal much, much easier. They didn’t take away the waste material though, and I can’t say I blame them.

Apparently the best way to clean up 8000 cubic feet of pine needles and branches is to rent a dumpster and start hucking. For 140$ the city will bring a dumpster to your door, and then bring it out to the city compost heap. Not bad, and it should take a lot less time than 50 trips to the dump in a Ford Ranger. Sadly, when I called this morning the dumpster people were out of dumpsters until Monday. I decided to paint the house while I waited. So far I’ve got all of the supplies, pressure washed the existing siding, and sanded and preped the area. Weather permitting, we’ll try to get 1.5 coats of paint on tomorrow and the rest on the day after.

On Sunday, I’ll be replacing the eavestrough with a new eaves and changing the moulding in the basement.

Monday I’ll haul 15 trees to…somewhere else… and clear the brush in the backyard. If I have time, I’ll also be moving an 18 foot sailboat to some place other than my garden.

On Tuesday, I’ll rake the lawn and drink beer.

Wednesday I fly back to Vancouver at 7 and start work at 10. Good times.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s nice to see so much happening in so little time. Very much unlike working in an office.

One thought on “Too many needles

  1. So I guess you’re not going to come downstairs and let me into the building… where do the 500 hotdogs come into all this?Do you still have the list of things to do with 500 hotdogs from that summer?

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