When people kindly let you stay at their home, try not to lose their dog.

So, for the past week, I’ve been staying with a friend in Quebec City. We’re both in between gigs, and she kindly let me live at her house.

She has a dog – it’s really cute and nice.

So, on Tuesday, the dog barked to go outside. I heard the door open, the dog go out, and about 5 minutes later, the dog barked and she let him in.


So on Wednesday, the dog barked at the door to go out. As she was downstairs practicing horn, I thought I would be a nice houseguest and let the dog out. So, I opened the door, and the dog took off. I shut the door, figuring the dog would bark when it wanted back in. Now, at this point I went and continued reading my book and forgot about the dog. About 40 minutes later, my hostess comes upstairs and asks where the dog is. I said, “Outside.” She looks out the window. “Where?”

I look at her.
She looks at me.

She says, “You chained him up right?”

I keep looking at her…”No?…..”

So she says, “He runs away!! That’s why we chain him up!!!” and starts running around outside calling his name.

At this point, I sense I’ve done something wrong, so I head to the front door because really, I don’t want to be yelled at.

I look down the street figuring the dog will be wandering around. We never had a dog that ran away – he just wandered. Their dog seemed nice and calm and loving, so I figured, why would he run away?

Well, the dog wasn’t to be seen. I started getting worried at this point. Losing someone’s dog is generally not a good way to get invited back to their house.

I cautiously head to the backyard, only to find the neighbour calling to us in french. The neighbour and I stare at each other until my friend comes over and interprets. Apparantly the neighbours had seen the dog wandering around loose, and took it into their house so it wouldn’t run away.

We were very happy – everything was ok.

But why the heck didn’t the frenchies bring the dog over???

3 thoughts on “When people kindly let you stay at their home, try not to lose their dog.

  1. maybe cuz they figured you’d let him loose again and they weren’t sure she was around to keep him in and to stop you from letting him run away!

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