My Cat is Broken

My apartment is pretty small. It has a front door at one end and a balcony at the other. In between is a hallway, bedroom, bathroom, livingroom, etc. The basics, not much more. There are no curves, no corners, no obstacles at all really that might impede travel from one door to the other. Basically it’s a corridor with some interesting bits to either side.

Anyhoo – for the last 2 minutes Kippy, the Cat, has been running at top speed from the balcony door to the front door meowing loudly along the way. While it’s normal for her to meow, and run frantically for no good reason from one end of the aprtment to the other, it appears as though someone turned up the volume and hit the repeat button. I’m not really sure what she wants at this point.

Perhaps she’s going to explode.

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