Crossing Brainwires

I hate when you get your brain cross-wired, and you start performing one action while thinking about another, and end up mixing the two up.

For example, thinking: ‘I should take out the garbage’ and ‘I should have a shower’ at the same time and then realizing that you are standing in the hallway with no pants on.

4 thoughts on “Crossing Brainwires

  1. or like “i need to pee” and “i should take out the garbage” and then you start peeing in the garbage before you take it out?

  2. or maybe you start jumping into the garbage everymorning to get clean. My place didn’t come with hot and cold running garbage so i’ll have to make do with the ol’ pail in the back yard…as for Irf’s suggestion, start peeing down the garbage chute and flushing garbage down the toilet.

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