Still nothing from the Frenchies

Many days have passed since I was supposed to hear back about a transfer to France. I have absolutely no idea if I’ll be going or not,but I have been assured by a number of people that I’m the top candidate. It just so happens that I’m also the most expensive candidate. Moving two people from Vancouver to Paris will cost the company approximately $30,000 USD (contrast that with about $1000-2000 USD for a hire inside France). Rumour has that my bosses, bosses boss still needs to determine if there is funding for the move.

However, the position was supposed to start last Wednesday at the latest, so I’m a little suspicious.

Honestly, the awaiting an answer isn’t increasing my anticipation any. Now that it’s long past the intended response date I’ve pretty much written it off as a no-go, and adjusted my excitement level accordingly.

C’est la vie.

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