Big Nuts

Below is a (nearly) word-for-word transcript of a conversation that I had with the guy at th eLondon Drugs checkout counter.

The Wife: Look! Jumbo M&Ms!
Me: Do you think that means that the candy is bigger? Or just the bag?
Clerk: I felt them up earlier.
Me: Excuse me?
Clerk: I felt the bag… the nuts aren’t any bigger.
The Wife: That sucks. I was hoping for jumbo sized M&Ms.
Clerk: I know. Big nuts. That’s what I like.
Me: Ummm… yeah.

I wish I’d had a tape recorder.

One thought on “Big Nuts

  1. UC says:

    Thanks for your post… almost choked on my drink. I’ve started carrying my camera everywhere, too, to catch the nonsense I see…

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