I don’t speak Korean

OK. I know what your thinking:

“That’s not so bad… I don’t speak Korean either and I get along just fine. In fact, there are millions of people all around the world that don’t speak Korean; you don’t hear any of them whining about it. Do you? Why don’t you write about something a little more interesting, like Flatulant Black Hole out to Destroy Universe, Vancouver Island turning Japanese or The Chicken Flu will kill us all. Whiner.”

But trust me on this. It’s a nuisance.

As part of my job, I’m required to write stuff. (Being a Writer, I had falsely assumed that writing would take up the bulk of my employable time, with the occasional Foos Ball game, or office party thrown in for good measure). The stuff that I write, is then translated into 8 other languages. None of which I speak. I am then required to turn nine sets of documents (eight translations plus the original english version) into a distributable help format. I have been working on this building phase since June.

If something gets buggered up, I am required to ‘fix’ it some how using my limited knowledge of that language. Unfortunately for me, there are a lot of problems with my korean files. If I spoke Korean, it wouldn’t be a problem. As you may remember, I don’t speak korean, hence I have a problem.

On the plus side, all corrospondance from our Korean readers comes directly to me. Near as I can tell, all of our Korean users think that our documentation is super, and that the author should get a raise.

One thought on “I don’t speak Korean

  1. all’s you need to know is to say “i guess so” (in korean that’s the short form of “i got it”)and if they give you any guff just reply back with a “see bai”

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