The Trip Home

10:30 AM 9/5/2005
We enter Mount Shasta. Mount Shasta is an old volcano. For us, Mount Shasta marks the end of Nevada, and means a two-and-a-half hour drive down a not-that-twisty mountain road. It’s not as nice as the rockies, and is quite a lot more boring. However, it does mean a 3 hour shortcut.

11:00 AM 9/5/2005
We should have turned right.

11:45 AM 9/5/2005
We realize that we should have turned right.

11:48 AM 9/5/2005
The Wife realizes that we should have turned right; she vows never to let us drive again.

12:50 PM 9/5/2005
Hooker Creek.
heh heh.

1:08 PM 9/5/2005
We just passed Thomas the Freakin’ Tank Engine on the I5!!!

5:49 PM 9/5/2005

5:50 PM 9/5/2005

5:51 PM 9/5/2005

5:52 PM 9/5/2005

5:53 PM 9/5/2005
I still hate Oregon.

7:27 PM 9/5/2005
Len County is the Grass Seed Capital of the World.
Good for them.

1:00 AM (or so) 9/6/2005
The border. There is one guy here. He didn’t ask us who we were, where we were going, what we were doing, why we were having a lan party in the car, or what the noise coming from the trunk was (Kippy). I love Canada.

2:24 AM 9/6/2005
We arrive at the apartment.

2:41 AM 9/6/2005
We find a parking spot.

3:52 AM 9/6/2005
We turn on WoW to check on our characters; realize that we are big nerds, and go to bed.

7:30 AM 9/6/2005
Time for work!!

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