Yo Momma

The Wife and I have a routine, one developed in University along with a number of other friends.

The first person says something along the lines of ‘this sucks.’
The second person says ‘you suck.’
The first person responds with ‘Your Mom Sucks.’
And so ends the witty banter.

This particular construction does not work well while visiting your Mother-in-Law.

While in Reno, The Wife and my BIL kept setting me up, and it took every ounce of willpower I had to stop myself.

Example of things not to say around your MIL.
Your Mom…
– sucks (a lot)
– is fat
– is loose
– stinks
– is covered in Bar-B-Q sauce
– slobbers too much
– is a dork/loser/nerd/Druid

The list goes on and on.

6 thoughts on “Yo Momma

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