Fire + Malt Liquor + Poutine + Musicians = Band Camp

The Wife is back from Quebec this week. She was out on a two week ‘Intensive French Horn Educational Seminar,’ henceforth known as ‘band camp.’

Day 1: the Students explored their new surroundings.
Evening 1: the students explored the liquor store down the hill.
Day 2: The wife has her first poutine. Decides that Quebec is better than she thought.
Day 3: The Wife discovers the joys of Malt Liquor. I am dissapointed, I thought I raised her to have better taste than that.
Day 4: The Wife calls me to tell me that ‘Domaine Forget is a magical place, where you can drink all night and not have a hangover the next day! And the best part is, you have to walk up hills to get everywhere, so you work off the beer.’ I begin to suspect that she has gone to Ireland, not Quebec.
Day 5: The cafeteria burns down in a blaze of glory.
Day 6: The campers realize that the only sign of civilization for miles is a liquor store and a poutine shop.
Day 10: The Wife phones home, and begs me to buy oranges, apples, kiwis, grapefruit, etc. I suspect that she is getting scurvy. She is now sick of poutine; thinks quebec isn’t as cool as it once was.
Day 13: Campers realize that they have a car; drive to nearby town for Subway. Find that they don’t speak French, and enjoy a rousing game of charades while trying to order food.
Day 14: The wife returns home. Brings me presents; I rediscover the joys of Malt Liquor.

Overall she enjoyed the trip, but she now hates poutine.

There are pictures of the burning, and a story on CBC.

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