Cricket Hunting

Short Story.
There’s a cricket hiding on the 14th floor of my building.

Long Story.
For some reason or another, there was a jar of crickets sitting on the floor when I got home today. Apparently it was for artistic purposes. I should’ve guess that though. The cat, however, thought that this was about the best thing that had happened to her since she found those fish in a glass box back in victoria. The even better part was that these things made noise, and it hurt her face less when she jumped at the jar than when she jumped at the aquarium.

Anyhoo. She thought it was great to bat the jar around the house and watch the contents jump around.

Then somehow the lid of the jar got unscrewed. It probably had something to do with the fact that the lid looked like it had been runover by a truck, and so didn’t fit quite right. In fact, I’m certain that was it. Cause there is no way that it had anything to do with someone unscrewing the lid, and leaving the jar in a conspicuous place where the cat could find it and unleash cricket fury upon the apartment for her (our) enjoyment. No way at all.

Anyhoo… lets move away from that suspicious paragraph.

Soo… back to the crickets. When the jar mysteriously opened, the Crickets weren’t too excited about coming out, so kitty went fishing. First she grabbed the leaves that were in the jar. She played with those for about 5 minutes. After some coaching, she tried again. This time, she found… a STICK!

dumb cat.

So we took the stick away from her, and again her interest was captured by the crickets in the jar. That is, until she looked at the paw that she was about to use to swat the toy. At that point, it was licking her paw that captured her attention. And then licking her rear, and then the crickets, and then licking her back. Then she thought about having a nap.

AND THEN… she saw the crickets again. The first one didn’t last long. It got batted under a door and she lost interest. The second was slightly more entertaining. It lasted for quite some time, and then the cat became fascinated with licking her anus again. when we went to put the cricket back (read: toss it onto our neighbors balcony) we realized that one of the crickets had wandered off. We scoured the outside hallway with our noses to the floor until someone opened their front door. Then we ran back inside and pretended nothing was going on.

Sooooo… to make a long story short, There’s a cricket hiding on the 14th floor of my building.

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