Sponges Suck

This evening I came home to find that my Brother-in-law (BIL) – who is, incidentally, living with us for a month – had done a lot of the easter dishes from Yesterday. This was very exciting, as I had expected to come home to a big pig-sty of a kitchen.

I poured The Wife and I a drink, and started putting the dishes away. All-in-all more relaxing than starting to put them in the water.

Me: That sure was nice of BIL to do the dishes, eh?
The Wife: Yeah.
Me: Hey, that’s weird, we don’t own a sponge, do we?
The Wife: yeah, of Course we do.
Me: Really? Hmm… I’ve never seen it before. Where do we keep it?
The Wife: In the bathroom.
Me: Like, in a plastic wrapper that’s never been opened in the bathroom?
The Wife: No, like, in a bucket, or on the side of the bathtub. I use sponges to clean either the bathtub or the toilet… why?
Me: ppftthbt!! (spitting out my drink)
The Wife: What was that about?!
Me: The Toilet!!
The Wife: yeah, where did you find the sponge?
Me: In the sink, the sink with all the clean dishes!!

… later that night …

BIL: Hey guys, I’m back.
Me: Hey, you know that sponge that you used to do the dishes with?
BIL: Yeah.
Me: Where exactly did you find that?
BIL: On the edge of the bathtub, why?
Me: ack!
BIL: I figured it was used for the bathtub, y’know, with soap and stuff. Soap and water is clean, it’s kind of like what’s in the sink when you do dishes, right?
Me: ack! toilet sponge! ack!
BIL: oops.

One thought on “Sponges Suck

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