We were there for a good time

This past weekend was great! Overall we decided that we’d give it an 8.9/10. It would have been a 9, but we couldn’t find Irf’s place. We did however meet several fine young ladies who we thought might be living in Irf’s place but, as it turns out, they had never heard of an Irf before. DYK All of the cluster units whose address is XX04 are female only residences.

We spent most of our time catching up with friends, but managed to find time to play games, catch a grad recital, and attend a Craiger Kegger. We also took time to have a hideously painful hangover on Sunday morning. This was after The Wife’s discovery that she doesn’t mind the taste of beer.

Now for the hardest part of the journey: making it home without losing my breakfast.

3 thoughts on “We were there for a good time

  1. those invisible robot fish bastards have gotten you too??is there no justice in the world?(check the link you put down for me)

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