Mountains of Crap

The mover came yesterday. Between him, and the few boxes we picked up from stanger, we now have 46 boxes of stuff sitting in our living room in varying states of dissassembly.

When it first got here, we debated between unpacking it all now, even though there’s nowhere for it to go, or leaving it neatly stacked in a corner until we could put it away proper. We chose the stupid route.

So, after a brief discussion of whether to use a bucket, insertion, or merge sort (I know, I’m a nerd) to group together the piles of crud, we started unpacking.

Currently Sarah and I are engaged in a contest to see whether the bucket of bathroom accessories (soaps, makeup, perfume, etc) or the bucket of geekdom (motherboards, video cards, socket wrenches, etc) will be bigger. Currently she’s winning, but just by a contact case.

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