Why do you prefer the cup?

You stupid cat.

Why must you always drink out of my cups? We bought you a water bowl, it is nice. It is in fact nicer than the past three water bowls that we have bought you. Nicer than the tupperware or people bowls we give you. Nicer even than the cup that I fill with water and have designated the ‘kitty-cup’ so that I can have my own cup.

But still, you hide around corners, and in closets, and jump out of the shadows every time I put my cup down. And then you attack my cup and drink from it instead.


You stupid cat.

(PS: If you are reading this, I think we could make lots of money with some carnies somewhere)

2 thoughts on “Why do you prefer the cup?

  1. Cats seem to seek out the freshest water source. My cat likes to jump into the tub and sit under the faucet to catch drips or lick the small puddles. We call it the “lonely cat cafe” because he often sings in his sad little way when he does this.Andrew

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