My new apartment sucked. So I moved.

I sort-of moved in to my new apartment on Saturday. I say sort-of, because I still haven’t met the landlord, received keys, or completed the inspection report. I’m not very happy with the state of things.

When I first got to the building, I asked a lady who lived there to let me in.

“Oh, are you moving in?” She asks.

“Yes!” I say, still excited about my new move, “I move in today.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. You’re making a big mistake. Well, have a nice day dearie.” And then she dissapeared in the elevator.

The next wonderful thing that happened is that I was given the keys to the wrong apartment. Well, kind of. See, when I talked with the Landlord over the phone, he told me that I was to move into apartment 704. When I spoke with him later that day, and then again to his assistant, I was to move in to apartment 704. When I opened the door to 704, I found shoes, a bike, and a couch sitting in my apartment. A few minutes later, I also found a girl named Now. Now was very nice, but didn’t understand why I was in her apartment. Neither did I.

As it turns out, I actually rented apartment 705. Nobody noticed the off-by-one error except Now and myself. So I went back downstairs, swapped keys with the assistant landlord, and moved in to 705.

Since moving into apartment 705, I have noticed several problems.

  • The bathtub doesn’t drain
  • The toilet doesn’t flush well (but he did throw in a free plunger)
  • There is a hole in the roof
  • The Fire alarm doesn’t work
  • There was a layer of black mold around all of the windows
  • All of the ducts are blocked by 4 mm of solid dust
  • The fan in the bathroom doesn’t work
  • The fan in the kitchen doesn’t work
  • The Oven doesn’t work
  • The whole place hadn’t really been cleaned
  • I still don’t have a key to the front building, or my door. Just a deadbolt key.
  • The sink is contantly running
  • If you turn the cold water on in the kitchen, the tap sprays you in the crotch with cold water
  • When he painted, he didn’t strip the old stuff. He just painted over mold, cracked paint, electrical pannels, outlets, etc.
  • He patched a whole in the roof of the bathroom, but didn’t bother to paint
  • Half of the windows in my apartment won’t open.
  • The other half won’t close
  • I didn’t get the blinds he promised me
  • He said he’d strip and refinish the hardwood floor. Guess what he didn’t do.
  • The tiles in the kitchen are not attached to the floor

There are a few other things that escape me right now.

On the plus side, it has a killer view.

After spending a bit of time in the place, I went and found a new apartment down the street. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out for me yet. I still have to get a hold of the tennants rights association to see what rights I have with respect to moving out on the same day that I moved in.

Admittedly, I am partly to blame for taking a place that I hadn’t seen. But it sounded really good on paper, and I asked all of the right questions to my landlord, he just lied to me about the state the place would be in when I got there.

Ah well, at least the view is nice.

4 thoughts on “My new apartment sucked. So I moved.

  1. Welcome to rental housing in Vancouver!You pay too much and nothing works! In the house that I’m living in now:- the attic, my bedroom, isn’t insulated- the window have that black mold thing happening (hard to avoid in old damp places in Van.)- I’ve trapped three squirrels and the cat has caught 8 miceOtherwise its a great place to live. As a renter I’ve learned what I can’t do without and made the best of the other dificiencies that I can live with.AndrewIn vancouver the tenants rights coalition is:

  2. With the rain and flooding, I’m hoping its not a basement suite… Whats it like to leave snow and 30 below weather, to come back to torrential rains? Terri

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