New goodies from apple

During his keynote address today at the MacWorld developers conference, Steve Jobs announced several new, and impressive, products that will hit store shelves between now and the end of the month.

Included were a new entry level computer, starting at $629 CDN, two new iPods, starting around $120, and a whack of software updates, all around $79. Essentially, apple has decided that it is now ready to compete in the mass market (rather than their traditional role as a high end, expensive option).

The nice thing is that they didn’t skimp anywhere either. The $629 mini-mac is comparable in speed and power to a higher end iBook (or mid-range powerbook). You just don’t get a monitor, keyboard or mouse. Which is fine for most people, especially those that are switching.

In fact, having worked at futureshop over the Christmas season, I was reminded even more that most people want to buy their computers in pieces, and aren’t particularly interested in package deals, where they sacrifice quality to get the package savings.

Starting the quarter like this should make for a fantastic year for apple, provided that they didn’t screw anything up.

If you are interested, you can read a little more here and of course here.

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