I feel good about how Ontario went.

We originally moved to Ontario so that Sarah could study with a very reputable Horn Player, and so that she could make some new contacts in her field. It was a move to help further her career. Our ulterior motive was to “See the world,” or at least our own country, while we were still young and mobile enough to do it on our own terms.

By the end of August, we sold just about everything that we owned, took over the lease on a car, and set out on the open road to see what we could see. We did the cross country tour, stopping in Seattle, Reno, Prince George, Vancouver, Langley, Calgary and Salmon Arm along the way to visit our friends and family that we hadn’t seen in a while, and likely wouldn’t see for quite some time. The last place we knew people was Calgary, after that, it was a long road to Waterloo where a University friend of ours used to live (He is now in Toronto).

The road trip was great, and overall didn’t cost us that much. We are about $600 less rich now than we were in September. Not bad for moving to somewhere with no idea of what you were going to do when you got there.

We stopped in Goderich to catch a wedding, and floated around Toronto for a while to find a place. About the end of October we decided to board in Waterloo while we waited for a new apartment to be built for us down the block.

I started applying for work seriously about the middle of October. When the second week of November rolled around I took a seasonal job at Futureshop that ended yesterday. Coincidentally, the people that I had been applying for work at in October started getting back to me at the beginning of January, so it would have worked out rather well if we had decided to stay here.

Around the middle of November, a Vancouver based company called me out of the blue and asked if I would be interested in working for them. I wasn’t, really. In fact, I had purposefully been ignoring them every time I saw one of their ads on Monster.ca. However, I decided to do the interview anyways as I had nothing to lose. Two phone interviews, a written test, a trip to the West Coast and four more in person interviews later they made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse, and I agreed to start working for them as of January 17th.

At this point, Sarah and I were torn. We had moved out here to further her career, and were moving back to further mine. We agreed to leave her in Ontario for a month to continue studying, and then fly her out about once a month after that to keep up with her teacher.

Shortly after Christmas, Sarah’s teacher gave her a call. He had become quite ill, and would no longer be able to teach. Then at the beginning of January I got laid off at Futureshop (as expected) and Sarah was told she would be let go at the end of the month (about two weeks longer than expected). Thus ended any reason for us to stay in Ontario.

Now with a job, family and a place of our own awaiting us in Vancouver, we will be leaving Waterloo with plans for our future (for once).

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